I have three primary research interests. Firstly, to explore how digital multimedia technologies can be effectively combined with maps and used by remote and marginal communities to document, store, manage and communicate their culture, language, history and traditional ecological knowledge.

Secondly, to examine how geographic representation of community information using these technologies can strengthen the community internally through the revitalization of culture and environmental governance and management practices, as well as externally through increasing their influence over regional decision-making processes.

Thirdly, to address the process and implementation of sustainable development, particularly in respect to community-based Natural Resource Management.

All aspects of my research incorporate a core community-based element. Within the context of my research program this means that the research is of tangible benefit for the communities with whom I work; that those communities feel a strong sense of ownership over the research process; and that community members are engaged and engage in the research endeavour.


Digital media, maps, resources and community-based research